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Hello Everyone, my name is Keltie Butz and I have always had a passion when it comes to planning anything and everything.  So, what better way to express my passion but through weddings, one of the biggest days in peoples lives.  I get the pleasure of creating and expressing love through the eyes of my clients.  

My background is in hospitality for over 15 years.  I worked as a general manager for a corporate restaurant in Edmonton and then in 2017 my partner Rui Carvalho and I opened up our very own restaurant in the heart of Edmonton.   Our restaurant is located just off Jasper Ave and 104th called Villa Bistro.   As I’ve said at the beginning, I have always loved planning and being able to express the vision through events. 

Wedding are something that give everyone joy and I love watching this happen.  They are filled with family and friends; they are the collaboration between two people’s dreams. It brings me such happiness to be able to be a part of people’s journey and experiences. So fast forward to now, when Rui and I decided to venture into another exciting chapter by opening up Style and Grace this year (2019). 

I am a Certified Wedding Planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.  I have also planned and organized wedding for family and friends in order to get the necessary experienced I craved.

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 I have also planned many corporate events through the restaurants I previously worked at. I absolutely love being the “go to girl” to ensure all details are taken care of. I want to embark on this journey with you and help ease the minds of all my clients. I am organized, driven, punctual and above all just wanting to make sure every bride, groom and families have the best experience possible. Lets go on this journey together and create something wonderful.


With Much Love,


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